The New Year, and Previous Years

It is important to make plans, because while novelties drive history (there are genuinely new things in the world all the time — we are not necessarily caged by the past, but are always open to the future), those novelties will spring up with weed-like haphazardness if we don’t direct them. So far as I can tell, I didn’t make a New Year’s plan or commitments last year on Into the Clarities. I did at the outset of 2017,  where I largely recommitted to the resolutions I made in 2016; I did not make any public resolutions in 2015, months after the blog began. The 2016 resolutions I still hold to; I have over 300 draft blog posts for Into the Clarities in different states of completion, many over 4k words. In the near future, I’d like to finish this string of posts for my friend Yuri, which I continue to work on in the background.

The top ten most-viewed posts of 2018 here were:

1: Charles Taylor on Disenchantment

2: Brown on Augustine on the Libido Dominandi

3: Augustine and the Confessions

4: Simone Weil on What is Sacred in Each Person

5: Wallis & Bruce, Secularization: the Orthodox Model

6: Plato’s Ship of State

7: Synopsis of Ch. 1 of Markus’ Saeculum

8: The Origins of Political Authority in Augustine’s City of God 19, Part 1

9: My review of Cavanaugh’s Torture and Eucharist

10: Seven Days and Seven Speeches

2018 had almost as many visitors as 2017 had views, and had about a 40% increase in the total number of views from 2017.

Thank you for reading Into the Clarities, and I hope you can continue to find profit in what I put up here. A warm and blessed 2019 to all!

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