Justice and Hurting People

Something very short; a plug for a Sententiae Antiquae post. 

In the post “On Might and Right“, I covered some themes related to this, but a set of excerpts that cover a topic succinctly is even better, so here is an excellent collection of texts at Sententiae Antiquae concerning the relationship between justice and harm, prompted by a line from an interviewee cited in a NYT article regarding the government shutdown — “he [Trump] is not hurting the people he needs to be hurting”.

3 thoughts on “Justice and Hurting People

  1. The pain lives off of pain and the problem being he’ll end up exiled on main Street they’ll keep his lawyers in court till his deerg..and his family in shambles…we all put him there we all have to live with it Russia or not there was no one who would stand up to the elephant in the room…now look he wants a wall like a child with a tantrum…I’ll take my marbles and play with Vladimir he’ll understand

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  2. I saw something on Instagram where I now hang out most of my time now because there are more artists and writers…which produces a better back drop for me…anyway the phrase I am referring to is “who left the bag of idiots open”

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