Satisfaction Murders The Motility of Anger

Here in my chair, after a full night’s sleep,

eyes ranging ‘cross shelves of my library Continue reading

The Gardeners’ War

If I tell my story,

can you tell yours?  Continue reading

Excerpt #10 — Augustine on (What We Would Call) The State

We have earlier summarized what is perhaps the best book in English on Augustine’s politics (may this excerpt illuminate what is found there, and vice versa), began a summary of Book 19 of his City of God (part one here; pingbacks at the bottom for all other current and future parts), and offered an excerpt of Peter Brown writing about Augustine’s understanding of the Libido Dominandi; here I offer one excellent quote to summarize Augustine’s political vision. Continue reading

Order and Caprice

“The birds of the air,

and the fishes of the sea

are beneath the Lord’s care”

but I kill the ants

because it pleases me; Continue reading