The Year Behind; the Year Ahead

On the 1st of January of 2016 I made a set of resolutions about what I’d be covering here; I have, largely, failed to meet them. Family, school, several of life’s joys, and transitioning to work intervened, interfered. My plan for 2017? Complete the task list of 2016. :-D

Thank you to everyone who comments here, and who throws (and who withhold!) “likes” at some of the posts. Comments are precious to me; I would be doing this work anyway, but the site is supposed to be stimulating, even enriching and profitable.

2016 saw Into the Clarities receive about 20% more visitors than it had total views in 2015, over a 75% increase in viewers from 2015 to 2016, and about a 200% increase in the number of pages viewed in 2016 compared to 2015. As I keep writing, increased statistics are inevitable. I don’t write for the traffic, but to be a blessing, to be profitable, for those interested in the topics and transitions that grip my attention.

Many people were cursing 2016 as it came to an end. It was full of some very, very hard things for me personally, as well as some totally unexpected joys. I beg you all to make 2017 better by your lives and works and prayers, and, while mourning artists and lamenting (or delighting in) political transitions, not to forget the strangers and outcasts around you, especially those fleeing from, or living in, Syria.

Godspeed all of your good endeavours for and in 2017.

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