To Eat, To Dispose

Psychosoma hypostatic monism

(the pendulum swings, but its axis is one)

the mind is a body, the body: digestive tract

with a support cast of organs (like thumbs

and brains); “Let us read, mark, and inwardly di-gest”;

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Still, Wait, Decay, Emerge

Gress to the glade and grimly grind the grist;

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Dust-rope collars with dollars and dolors,

click-clack spasms the cataract καρδιφυλακτ Continue reading

The Trophy Goes To

The one half-brick for the load-bearing column;

the trash-can lid for the perilous slalom;

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The Sheltering Chthonic

Tickle the trickling, pickling rot

mindlessly; or else solder –with fodder– that clot

— or let bleed, and proceed to relieve the disease

by attention, so end the well-pensioned distention

you’ve cuddled with smuggled-in mud.

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