To Eat, To Dispose

Psychosoma hypostatic monism

(the pendulum swings, but its axis is one)

the mind is a body, the body: digestive tract

with a support cast of organs (like thumbs

and brains); “Let us read, mark, and inwardly di-gest”;

we roam for arrivals of texts to our mouths;

most will scavenge, and mix up their foods (do I digress?

–or do you, O Attention, that captain who shouts

at stomach-ship, and planlessly snacks late and early);

minds constipated process their meals poorly,

they plop or explode the results (though it’s surely

steady output that bureaucrats push us to plumb),

made from cheap meme carbs, saecula saeculorum;

smile as the childs feast on food for the birds.

Microphage synchronous to a feast: it’s absurd

how manipulable, lurable, carrot-drawn, pliant

we are when we’re starved, not told reading’s a diet.


Image found here. Nom nom?

3 thoughts on “To Eat, To Dispose

  1. Well, the _poem_ is new, but I’ve actually been posting rather regularly for over a week. Stopped drinking altogether, so I now waste less time away from projects.

    So thrilled to make you sigh with joy! That’s pretty awesome. :-D


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