The Lure

Loki has nothing on Aphrodite;

the real trickster can start the siege of Ilium

and have you teary-eyed looking at old pictures

–both of a life that’s past and of the one present–

all the while.


What does the rat see when he desires his mate?

(Don’t try and project some human thought.)

Cognitive ploys are such second-order things:

there is no coup that can dwarf

this cosmic joke.


So grab hold the rope

(‘cuz it has hold on you)

and surrender to the pull

as it takes you across eons and battlefields

and say goodbye to the soles of your feet

and the souls of your former lives.


–and don’t believe for a moment

that Ares and Aphrodite needed

to be bound by some outside force;

Aphrodite always wins;

–and even Apollo must bow, as

muted orators follow in her train

seeking to captivate their captor

with bubbles from their mouths

and even more feeble means.


Header image of Menelaus and Helen found here.

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