Updated Post

A very happy fall season to everyone!

I have seriously updated the post on the fragment of Papias regarding the “living and abiding voice”; three or four long quotes have been added to show the significance that the phrase “the living voice” had for several centuries on either side of the birth of Jesus. I may update it again, adding the Latin from Quintilian and Seneca, &c., or I may revisit the Lovejoy Alexander article again and find that something is worth adding.

5 thoughts on “Updated Post

    • Thank you, Hedy! –you too!

      As for the image, I uploaded it in 2016 or whenever I started the blog, but back then, I didn’t keep track of where I was getting images from. Our friend Ray at Storyteller set me straight a few months ago, and I’ve aspired to keep track since then. I need to hunt down the original for this one, so the photographer can get credit.

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