Bridges, II

I am no welderer, but a prospector, scout

–these hands uproot obstacles, sift and lift drift–

a mapmaking contemplative am I, devout

in my quest to find paths ‘cross each foreboding ridge

encircling our abandoned malls, which constrict

any exit from this swelling-marketplace trick.

An architect, yes: but the blueprints I gift

to hands that can execute drudgeries — pout

if you hate this division of labor, are miffed…

though I don’t much care whether you are.

–but, problem: I need to build a bridge.


Bridges are needed (and some of mine are now “were”)

as the center breaks up and spins out to the rim

from centerless centrifugal forces that spin

all things to their camps, bunkers, products preferred.

This problem’s not new, and lest one think it just mine,

it is ours, spread over the news all the time.

9 thoughts on “Bridges, II

  1. I always have the same bad dream
    I’m driving a car always going over a bridge
    And all I have are rims for tires
    Just thought I throw that in
    So now what about this build
    Because labor right now is cheap
    I’ll work for free if that would help
    The Sheldon Perspective

    Liked by 1 person

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