A Thursday Limerick

Something silly to throw here while I rest after completing this thesis. Will resume writing on Friday or Saturday. Then, I will finish “The Flags of the Dead and the Promise of the Future”.

Although all my poems are sad,

in life I’m a quite-cheerful lad;

but my online post-ups

might poison your cup

if they’re all of my soul that you had.

7 thoughts on “A Thursday Limerick

  1. I gotta go for more testing
    but today the Dr finally listen to me
    I think it’s going to turn around very soon
    But that’s because I will not
    Accept no for an answer
    I have an ulcer and it’s was bleeding but
    There’s more to it
    That’s why there’s more testing
    And I will be seeing a new gastroenterologist
    I am really trying to stay on course
    So just bare with me
    Thank you for your concern
    But I know what I need to do

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