License Permissive

Let the children split infinitives,

and let limit’s release increase;

let them drive atop phone-book seats

and chase runaway balls into streets;

let all straight-jacket rules decease,

and the children improvise feats

— surely, liberty can’t make them primitives:

protesting amidst tearful bleats

–or stomping on faces with cleats–

each time referees miss their beats;

let no interlope adult force privatives.


Let the children eat what they please,

suck through eyes or broken teeth

strangle dolls in a need-gripped sheath;

let the vegetables rot, choked by weeds

while the children indulge carb addictions

ransack storerooms built up by deeds

of calculation and planning: conviction

must not train them, for this leads to friction


the kids-choose-health-by-themselves fiction.



Let the children regulate all

and break-up the detention hall;

up-bite hard on the delicate reeds

squeak in synchronous, symphonous calls,

(those who follow the notes are diseased);

let one suss out one’s own private creed

even if others will bleed;

hop-scotch on th’ accountant’s labors

(their numbers are built on cruel vapors)

long-term goals must bow to their greed,

let no discipline thwart their fall,

let all spanking submit to the mall.


12 thoughts on “License Permissive

  1. Influence on later artists is a good thing. It is one of the means of transmitting culture across generations. There is no need to jump off of the shoulders of giants or other really tall people.

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