The talented Kindra M. Austin very charitably nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award.  To be honest, I can’t remember the rules: my mind, like my life, is filled with too much else, and I am a shallow pool. To honor the nomination, here’s a poem related to a topic we recently had an exchange over. (As always, my positions are optimistic, but my poem’s tone is pessimistic. Catharsis?) You should check out her site (unless you’re a poor soul who suffers being triggered by intermittent vulgarity, even when it comes with a big heart): her work can really hook you in

We do not want the burden of freedom;

taking the stones and choosing a mosaic

divining it, sussing-out form from the void

is maddening: let us relax; we enjoyed

a canalized, well-planned life, prosaic,

when we weren’t responsible in childhood: t’was Eden.

–except for our selves, which were sleeping.


Now, fluff the pillow and let us rest:

the tension shall vanish on waking,

the options that cry out and test

us shall vanish, and we, partaking

of vacuous chemical selection

shall fail in our power of detection

that these trials, ordeals

are exactly what seals

our choices; the peals

of freedom fade

as we them trade

for the pricey deals

of cheap food-colored meals

and brand-name knockoff steals.


9 thoughts on “Exhaust

    • You know how difficult it is to reply to some of your comments? Sometimes they beg –or demand– to be left alone as the final word. Bravo.

      –though I’d go to bat for the Mexicans. It’s really not their fault if the quality of the canned stuff has taken a nosedive. Blame stingy WASPy investors, who abuse them, and only care for the bottom line, even at the expense of the brand name’s legacy.

      Such is administration, and such is life: and it keeps getting sucher and sucher.


  1. You are my modern day intellectual hero. And I’m not only saying so because of the many plugs you’ve given me in this post. I honestly love your blog. You make my heart smile, and my brain cells rub together. :)

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  2. Look my friend I read this again
    sometimes you take the elevator and sometimes you get the shaft
    I just wanted to see how the other half lives
    It’s a turtle Saturday
    And I’m in my shell
    Just starting making pot roast
    So how goes it my friend
    As always Sheldon

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